New Cyprus Museum
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Project: A new museum for archaeology in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The New Cyprus Museum translates practice and process of archaeology into architectural and urban experience. Buildings are positioned to create a campus of obscured objects, just out of full view from visitors approaching the site.

The gallery building is organized around a large atrium. Its floor is imagined as an archaeologist’s survey grid open to the galleries below. This space creates a micro-climate and diffuse lighting for display, preservation, and experience of artifacts. Upon entry, visitors experience an overview of the entire collection. Descending down into the galleries, visitors access different time periods or themes directly. 

Within the city, the landscape creates a new public amenity. Within the landscape, open spaces reveal the obscured museum buildings. Within the atrium, artifacts are revealed through a perforated floor. This series of nested experiences amplifies the mission of the New Cyprus Museum within its urban context—to raise awareness and generate excitement about the rich archaeological history of the region.

Team:  Vincent Appel, Lauren Bierly, Travis Fitch, Charles Garcia, Paul Miller, Tram Anh Nguyen, Alex Wilk, Mian Ye

Date:  2016
Status:  International Competition